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Hosting Guide and Rules

Hosting a WO tournament is easy and fun, but there are some rules that you must follow.

Picking the date and time

You should pick a date and time when you know you will be available, and you won't have to run away in the middle of your tournament. If something does come up and you can't be here, please notify us in time, so we can find a replacement moderator or reschedule your tournament.

How long do you think your tournament will take? If you have no idea, here are a few examples based on our past tournaments:

• Rope Race: about 2-3 hours
• Shopper: about 3-4 hours
• Hysteria: about 3-4 hours
• Walk for Weapons: about 4-5 hours
• Bungee Race: about 4-5 hours

You should take these into consideration when picking your time slots. We aim to provide each tournament its own time, without having to compete with another. If you register a Hysteria tournament at the first image's time slot, it will most likely get approved; however, if you register one at the second set, it will definitely get rejected:

If your time allows, please try not to leave gaps less than 3 hours (if your tournament should take 3 hours, register it at 12, rather than at 11 or 10), because such small free gaps are useless to anyone who might want to register.

Date and time limitations:

• There can be only one tournament of any scheme on a given day. (e.g. There cannot be 2 RR's, 2 Shoppers, etc., only one of each.)
• You can only host a tournament of the same scheme once a week. (e.g. If you host a RR, you cannot host another RR until next week.)

Sometimes you may be allowed to host more than one tournament of the same scheme within the week if all of them are significanlty different (e.g. one 1vs1 and one 2vs2). In these cases just register your additional tournament, but write in the description field which one you want to keep in case we decide to remove one of them.

Taking signups

Signups must be open for at least 20 minutes after your registered time; meaning if you registered a tournament to start at 20:00, signups must be open at least from 20:00 to 20:20 (you may open them a bit earlier and close a bit later, of course). The reason for this is to give everyone the chance to play. If you do not give them this chance (e.g. you close the signups after 5 mins because you already have 16 people), your tournament will be cancelled.

There are also some minimum player limits for WO tournaments. These may sound too high at first, but they are really not hard to reach, and therefore any tournament having less players will be cancelled. This limit depends on whether you are hosting a singles or teams tournament:

• 1vs1: minimum 16 players
• 2vs2: minimum 24 players (12 teams)
• 3vs3: minimum 36 players (12 teams)

When taking signups, don't forget to ask your players what their countries and clans are, we will need a list of these. You should also ask for their hosting info (whether or not they can host) for your own convenience.

You should direct your players to your tournament's URL to grab its scheme file and check out any additional rules. They must use your scheme file, no exceptions. This will help you avoid many complaints.

The short URL for your tournament is:[number], [number] being your tournament's ID.

You should also remind them that they have to send all their WO replays to

Pairing and handling associated problems

You can do pairing any way you want as long as it's random. You can use one of our pairing tools or even write the names on pieces of paper, then put them in a hat and draw (© DarkOne :)).

After the semi-finals, the losers still have to play against each other for the bronze medal.

Sometimes, after you post the pairings, some people might message you saying they don't know who their opponent is. There can be two causes for this: they missed your line or you forgot to paste it, this can be remedied easily. Two, you didn't pair them against anyone. In this case, double-check whether they did sign up. If you can't see them in your list, check the channel's logs and check with your moderators.

If they did sign up, not pairing them is your fault. Don't worry, this happens; but you must let them play. If there is another player around who would like to play, but didn't sign up, you're in luck, you can pair them against each other. If all else fails, you can give your missed player a freebie.

If they did not sign up, it's your call what you do. If you want you can wait a few more mins to find another player who want to play and pair them.

Freebies and X-ways

Sometimes it might be necessary to give freebies (byes, free rounds) because you have an odd number of players or teams. You can only give one freebie per round. The "lucky" player or team has to be selected randomly, with a few exceptions:

• You or anyone else moderating your tournament must not get a freebie. Ever.
• A player or team who already received a freebie in your tournament must not get another freebie. Ever.

If one of the above happens, you should re-pair.

An alternative to freebies would be having some games with more than 2 players. Depending on what you need one or more of them could advance from these to the next round (e.g. 1 out of 3, 2 out of 3, 3 out of 5 players, etc.).

In most racing schemes you will never have to give freebies, because "x-ways" work much better.

Handling cows

Cows happen. Sometimes accidentally, sometimes not. Sometimes you can't tell which one. A general way of handling them would be this:

Milk them.
• If someone kills the opponent by cowing, the opponent wins automatically.
• If someone kills one or more worms by cowing, he has to kill the same number of his own worms having at least as much health.
• If someone damages one or more worms by cowing, he has to do similar damage to his own worm(s), even if it kills them.
• If someone cows without causing any damage (e.g. missing, blocking in certain schemes, etc.), he has to skip once.

These rules only affect the first cow. Not doing the penalty or cowing the second time automatically results in losing.

After the tournament

When your tournament is over, please send us a list of players, their countries and clans, and a list of all games including who won them.
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